What is this?

Wintab is a software driver for Windows computers that have digitizing tablets connected.


Can I try it out?

Yes: go ahead and download the installer. The driver will install and run, but you'll need a license to make it work. More on that below.


What versions of Windows is this for?

This is a 32-bit driver, and should work fine on XP and later systems, both 32-bit and 64-bit. You'll need an available serial port. If you have problems, email support@wintabdriver.com.


Is it free?

No. You can install the driver, and we'll send you a license for a 30 day trail at no cost. If you like it, send us $95 through PayPal, and we'll send you a full license. If you have any issues or feature requests during the trial, let us know at support@wintabdriver.com.


What tablets does it work with?

This initial version is for Numonics tablets. If you have a different tablet and need help with a driver, let us know.


How should I configure the tablet?

Set the tablet to Numonics Binary, which should look like this:

  • 9600, 8, N, 1
  • Stream mode
  • 1000 lpi


What if I install the software and it doesn't just magically work?

These things happen sometimes. When you download the installer, go ahead and download the ReadMe file too. It has more details about how the driver is installed, and might help you figure out where the problem lies. If you email us for help, we'll probably ask you to read it first anyway.

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